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How to Sell A Diamond with Value in Excess of $25,000.00

Selling A Large Diamond or Selling Diamond Jewelry can be a bit intimidating. Diamond Buyer USA provides our customers complete safety and throughout the Diamond Buying Process and pays Top Dollar as one of the leading Large Diamond Buyers in North America. Simply fill out the form " Sell My Diamond" or "Sell Jewelry" as completely as possible and upon reviewing the information we will call and e-mail our best estimate of value to you. If you wish to sell several diamonds, please fill out the form as many times as needed and we will review each stone individually.

For Immediate Cash Offer, Call Toll Free (877) 560-7070

When you submit information to Diamond Buyer USA, we very much enjoy speaking with our customers so look forward to a phone call from our President, Mr. Brett J. Krauskopf, to discuss the value of your estate jewelry, and the associated details of putting together a purchase that everybody is happy with.

How does Diamond Buyer USA, when you wish to Sell A Large Diamond or wish to Sell A Diamond Ring, provide me complete safety and immediate payment?"

"I have purchased millions and millions of dollars worth of large, expensive diamonds from individuals such as you and have developed the absolute safest, quickest, and easiest method of meeting with our customers and providing absolute immediate payment."

"We have complete diamond and jewelry lab equipment to accurately identify and evaluate your merchandise. If you choose for us to meet in your bank I bring portable diamond and jewelry grading equipment. It is then very quick and easy to evaluate your estate jewelry and then initiate an immediate wire transfer of funds into your bank account with a portable computer. When your banker informs you that the funds are securely in your account, only then do I take possession of your diamond ring or diamond jewelry. We are one of North America's most trusted Diamond Buyers ... Diamond Buyer USA."

Mr. Brett J. Krauskopf, President.

How To Sell A Diamond Ring For Values under $25,000.00

Many times estate jewelry has deep sentimental value. Regardless of the value of your diamond, unlike Diamond Brokers who want you to send them your stone with the hope of selling your diamond, Diamond Buyer USA always pays top dollar with immediate payment. When you wish to Sell A Diamond Ring or Sell Estate Jewelry that is covered under our standard Jewelers Mutual Insurance Shipping Coverage, Diamond Buyer USA is the best avenue available for you to receive the most cash for your item. Not only will we provide you with a fair offer that typically is higher than you are offered elsewhere, you will receive overnight payment in the form of a certified check, bank wire transfer, or cash. Your jewelry is insured throughout the entire process through Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company and our proven track record of customer satisfaction is documented by the Better Business Bureau.

Based on the information that you originally submitted on the Selling My Diamond or the Sell Estate Jewelry form, online and information gathered during our phone conversation, we will provide you with a value range for your item. If you are interested in selling within this range, we will provide the details of sending the item to us at our expense or send you our "Shipping Kit" for you to return the item to us. There is no cost or obligation on your part whatsoever for you to submit information to us and furthermore, there is no cost or obligation for you to send us your diamond jewelry for our appraisal consultation and cash offer.

Upon receipt of your diamond jewelry we call you immediately to notify you of safe delivery. We then videotape the opening of your package to document the contents and then submit them to our laboratory specialists for cleaning, weighing and grading.

Later that same afternoon, we call you with our best cash offer. If you accept, we overnight funds to you. If we cannot come to an agreement, we overnight the item back to you. Again, there is no cost whatsoever to you and your item is insured throughout the entire process.

If you have more than one diamond to sell, please feel free to complete the Sell A Diamond form as many times as needed.

Additionally, we are also interested in purchasing precious metals such as platinum, white and yellow gold in any form... chains, bracelets, class rings, etc... broken or not!